Wonderful Mates

Wonderful Mates

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Roxy Emilia Means By jrmeans09 Updated May 17, 2016

Sequel to kitten claims her mate.

Betty's checklist:

Find her mate: ✔️ 
Unknowingly save the wolf pack ✔️
Actually like her mate ✔️
Beat the bullies:
Know what she is:
Live happily ever after: 

Betty found out recently that she is an alien. She knows she has some special abilities, but she has no clue what she really is. She grew up believing she was human, until the day she met the alpha of the werewolf pack. Surprise! They were mates. The only person with the answers is Jack at the old folk's home and he's not very forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the female werewolves are hardly being welcoming to her. She needs to prove she's strong enough to be Jax's mate. If only her superpower wasn't being sparkly and having a cute cat alter ego!

  • alien
  • bullies
  • comedy
  • kitten
  • love
  • mates
  • shifted
  • werewolf
xxenamixx xxenamixx Feb 07
I have to hold my breath too whenever you are wet. You might want to wash your fishy asss cooch sometime
jrmeans09 jrmeans09 Apr 06, 2016
I will update promise! 😄 I have a crazy week with life, family and classes. Two exams- two written assignments and my kids are on spring break 😅