My Husband's Boss

My Husband's Boss

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Life By Badboys4life Updated Oct 12, 2017

"What are you willing to do for your husband's job, Ms. Sierra?" He questions in a low tone.

I swallow my pride and raise my chin. "I will do any job or errand" I reveal.

Daryl stuffs his hands into the pockets of his suit and gives me his back. "I'm in the need of an inamorata, Ms. Sierra" he admits.

"W-What is an inamorata?" I ask, feeling embarrassed for my lack of knowledge.

Daryl spins around and slams his palms onto the sturdy desk. "A mistress, a lover, a slave, someone willing to be on call for love-making. But of course, there will be no love involved" he answers.

He reaches across the desk and cups my chin. "Are you willing to be that Ms. Sierra? Are you willing to be my sexy little inamorata?" He inquires, almost daring me to agree.


Sierra Miller was a normal person living a normal life. She's married to her wonderful husband of two years. She had an easy life with few worries. Until Daryl Collins, the arrogant owner of Inter-scope Insurance, forced his way into her life. Will she be able to be his inamorata while also saving her marriage? Read more to find out!

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Ugliest jeans+ugly Grandma sweater=should still be a cute outfit
Eccentric_penguin Eccentric_penguin Jun 25, 2017
Wow she likes Beethoven and watches walking dead....I love her
Aye this so called "married husband" cheats on his own wife.
Olivia16twin Olivia16twin Jan 04, 2017
Didn't he still have a meeting that he was supposed to be in what happened when you said I'll be right back in a little bit?
Monstrous_beauty Monstrous_beauty Dec 08, 2016
why do you want to be unfaithful if it is not a life and death situation...
_Marieeeee _Marieeeee Jan 11, 2017
Guess what she said was a true knee-slapper 😂😂 okay I'm going to go now...