Therapy (G-Eazy)

Therapy (G-Eazy)

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(Dev) •~^You're Monster^~• (Dev) By XRelentless_DreamerX Updated Sep 22, 2017

"Well Gerald this is therapy" I said, a mocking smile gracing my face.

Mhmm, he was now seething.

"For the last time you insolent fųcking bįtch" My smile twitched at the corner of my lips. God I hated that word.

God, fųcking damn it I really hated that word. I was finding it very hard to keep my composure at the moment.

"Don't call me Gerald, EVER, again, you disgusting bitc-" He breathed.

That's where I lost it.

A sharp intake of breath raced through his pink lips, as his body was knocked over by a strong force.

That force being a short, curly haired, black women who has had enough of his shit.

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yikezmami yikezmami Jun 04, 2017
well since you brought it up can we talk about how G Eazy literally has the whitest name i've ever heard😂
SarcasticandCrazy79 SarcasticandCrazy79 Nov 25, 2016
I think this not only in school but everywhere every other day
geazy1802 geazy1802 Jun 08, 2016
This seems like it will be a good story but pls update again