The Lost Alphas

The Lost Alphas

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Taylor Shae By TaylorShae07 Updated Dec 02, 2017

Pain. Pain was the only feeling I felt that day, the day she left me. What hurt even more was when I realized that she wasn't coming back....

12 years ago, Ryder had to take on the duty of full time parenthood. Everyday he prayed for the moon goddess to return his mate to him, and everyday he lost a little bit of hope that the love of his life would ever come home.

Now, as Nathan approaches his 13th birthday and his first change, and Carter gets ready for claiming the alpha title, everything seems to be falling into place.

However, there is always that one piece of the puzzle that has always been missing...Kara.

This epic sequel to The Castaway Luna both break hearts and bring tears of joy as we follow Ryder's and Kara's epic journey back where they belong.

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DonnaPoe DonnaPoe Jan 06
The hell they never found her I may not be able to read this that sucks 👎👎👎👎
KaySanii KaySanii Nov 18, 2017
i have a feeling that the math is wrong for the age difference wasn't Carter 4 years old when Nathan was born? because through out the first book Carter's age kept on changing back and forth between 3 and 4
DhamarGarca DhamarGarca Jun 04, 2017
Awwww that's true love he has been waiting for her 12 years and still is😍😍
DonnaPoe DonnaPoe Jan 06
This sucks big time she missed her boys lives they will never understand that and probably be so mad at her and they have the right to the baby never got to know her
frasermagoo frasermagoo Jun 06, 2016
oh how my heart cries for Ryder his mate has been gone all that time how does he manage to go on day after day not only for himself but his boys and his pack hope she comes back to him soon
chardae85 chardae85 Jun 04, 2016
Just food for thought how about some drama. Something that can give Kara and her daughter away to run away