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nat By Floats Completed

Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was completely by accident, but nobody believes her when she says it. Instead of getting sued and involving a judge, Arden is forced to drive Levi wherever he needs to go. This means taking him to practices, parties, school - anywhere.

Arden probably wouldn't mind it so much if she and Levi didn't have a past and if they didn't have any sexual tension.

But they do. And a lot of it, too.

[winner of the Talk of the Town Watty Award, 2015]

Cover: percabeth5599
Trailer: Kwassa

[in the first stages of editing which is an incredibly slow process - there will be inconsistencies, misspellings, weird sentences, etc.]

Would you rather: a one-night stand with Levi Ackerman or to destroy a city with Natsu Dragneel with no consequences?
loserlov loserlov Mar 17
bruh DEADASS you already know he thinkin "why the f u c k did i marry this bitch"
Zaizan1 Zaizan1 Mar 14
honestyly if that was me, i would've grabbed his collor slammed him  on a wall, kicked him in the groin and left like nothing ever happened
                              YES YOU MAY CALL ME VIOLENT
WizardJane11 WizardJane11 2 days ago
Yeaah, I won't try and deny I always try and get my mom to schedule doctor appointments during a school day and during my math period.
WizardJane11 WizardJane11 2 days ago
Those blue eyes though. I find it funny people in books recognized other people's eye colors because in real life, I don't know like anyone's eye color. I honestly just don't look.
WizardJane11 WizardJane11 2 days ago
That was me everyday of my life except for today so far. I always trip or end up doing something horrible and I'm so embarrassed later