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[Winner of the Talk of the Town Watty Award, 2015]

Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was completely by accident, but nobody believes her when she says it. Instead of getting sued and involving a judge, Arden is forced to drive Levi wherever he needs to go. This means taking him to practices, parties, school - anywhere.

Arden probably wouldn't mind it so much if she and Levi didn't have a past and if they didn't have any sexual tension.

But they do. And a lot of it, too.

Trailer: Kwassa

vertebrae vertebrae 4 days ago
🎶you were beaming once before but it's not like that anymore
Everyone is like "I like him." And I'm over here like "Bitch, I didn't ask for your approval. Move along. 👉
Over her already, better just come out and say what really happened.
LoveToDreamAndEat LoveToDreamAndEat 4 days ago
I would've just ran away from the whole situation and laughed about it for a good few minutes and then feel guilty, laugh again, feel guilty once more and get over it and avoid him at all cost. I'm a horrible person, I know.
princessemi13 princessemi13 5 days ago
oh man, i fantasize about a scenario like this all the time. not the falling onto a hot guy part, just the throwing myself down a flight of stairs
LoveToDreamAndEat LoveToDreamAndEat 4 days ago
I dream of pushing down my teachers and people I hate down the stairs. She's so lucky that it actually happened 😔