Her Innocent Heart (Masoom Dil)

Her Innocent Heart (Masoom Dil)

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Spiritual/Romance [#1 in spiritual - Few times ]
"Please... Leave me.." I pleaded to the beast.

"Quiet"! He bursted out, with redden eyes.

he was now dragging me inside the sporadically lit building , less populated apartments like....

He shoved me inside the lift, I felt  I'm bare feet, my sandals were slipped off during brutally dragging...

He pushed the 9....

Lift started ascending..

"Where are you taking me"
I yelled.

"To the hell". He gave me death glare.

I was crying then bit loud.

He again gripped my hand, and started to pulling me with him as  I'm some nonliving thing.

My cries just filled in the corridor.

He stopped in front of a door,  swiped a Card in the door mechanism.

As door flung open, he dragged me inside, my heart was drowned...view cleared at once, as the light automatically lit up.

He just pushed me in a room with force, room was dark, I just got stumbled with Lehnga ( a toe length embellished skirt)  and fell on floor, he came in and punched the switch to turn on the light...

I was pale and forgot crying, when he kicked the door shut, and locked it.

I didn't feel so much fear from the beast, which I was feeling right then...

He was moving towards me with clenched jaw....


I got up shakily and made distance from him.



He just slapped me with full force.

I just fell on bed, laying in the room....

"Please no..."

My breath hitched, he was unbuckling his belt......


She is so innocent....
He is much arrogant....

She is too shy.....
He is way bold....

She is enough kind.....
He .....


You will hate him, but deep down magma of love or at least liking will be boiling in your heart..

Warning! Its my first story and not edited... Huge grammatical error are there...
So....Be kind...


Cover by: @Queen_Of_Craziness

krazy_kiddo1234 krazy_kiddo1234 Dec 16, 2016
Hey butteryfly love your work and  in love with the way you write..I've also started a story "IT ALL STARTED WITH BAKING ".I would really appreciate if you could give it a shot and let me know your views through your comments
jewel611 jewel611 Dec 03, 2016
My.Mom's the same but she gets angry.if I try to skip breakfast. And she yells at me like. "Ghar se bahar jane ki koshish bhi nah karna!"
A_H_S_2781 A_H_S_2781 Dec 08, 2016
I never eat breakfast or lunch just a snack around lunch time ad then I have dinner at like 10 pm (I live in America btw)
Amrak324 Amrak324 Jul 16, 2016
Everyone's like this is my mom, while my mum leaves bwfore me and is basically like eat whatever kids. 😂😂😂
ZainabShaikh683 ZainabShaikh683 Dec 12, 2016
Dieing to read aage ka part plzz update as soon as possible!!!!
rumaisyash rumaisyash Feb 07
                              Anyway author ... i'm from Indonesia, and this story's interesting!😃