BET ON ME (riarkle & lucaya)

BET ON ME (riarkle & lucaya)

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becca By fogelmaniac Completed

(2016 Summer GMW Award Winner)
(2016 GMW Choice Award Winner)
(2017 GMW Fall Awards Winner)


Ever since graduating high school, the core four have drifted apart. 

Riley went off to travel the world. Who knows where she lives now?

Farkle stayed in New York and, as soon as he finished college, acquired Minkus International.

Maya and Lucas broke up a few months after graduation.

Maya went to an art school down in Baltimore.

Lucas went to California and achieved his dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Then, one day, one of them sends out invitations to the others to go to a lodge all four of them stayed in back when they were in high school for a whole week. 

They all go. 

And that's only the beginning of the story. 


©fogelmaniac 2016-2017
a riarkle & lucaya story

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The_Space_Ace The_Space_Ace Jul 17, 2017
Well who else writes in curly letters Maya. Deductive reasoning my friend
-xanaxdaddy -xanaxdaddy Mar 25, 2017
Call me weird but when I saw the title I thought of the song Troy sang in HSM do u remember it?!?!
mailani4ewa mailani4ewa Aug 15, 2017
And I'm back! For reread number 7. Yeah i have a problem. This book is just too good.
                              And question, since you unpublished Stay With Me does that mean you dropped it forever or just for now?
disneyology disneyology Nov 17, 2016
When this is like my tenth time reading this cause I love it so much.
luverbooks2016 luverbooks2016 Jan 14, 2017
I'm sorry....
                              Maya Penelope Hart ...
                              Became a teacher?
                              Okay ..