My Twisted Fate

My Twisted Fate

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Zara By superb_zari Updated Mar 26, 2017

"you want to know how heartlessI can be Maha , OK let's do a thing let me show u how much of a füçkîñg heartless person I can be wen I want to" he whisper in my ear as he rub his thumb on my cheekbones

 I shook my head negatively, shut my eyes tightly and bit my lower lip 

"OPEN YOUR EYES MAHA" he growls 

when I opened me eyes and look straight in his eyes  which was now filled with rage , anger and had almost turned dark brown  he grabs my hair in his fist and brings his face dangerously close to mine too close for my liking 

"Sorry I didn't quiet got what u were saying" he whispered with clenched jaw

opening my mouth in order to  answer him but a sob escaped my quivering lips after finding my voice back I whispered  "no I don't wanna know the level of your heartlessness" 

'and I never thought you would want to" he said and turned around to walk out of the room 

I slid down leaning on the wall bringing my knees near to my chest and  encircling my arms around them while  keeping my chin on top of my knees I cried, I cried for the loss I had just in last few hour 
loss of parents
loss of my love 
loss of my brother 
loss of my freedom

my world changed upside down just in matter of  seconds

Cover by : Mystical_Star

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MyFancyEscape MyFancyEscape Jul 13, 2017
believe me girl I'm complicated too!!!!! I don't understand myself sometimes ;)
samihasiraaj samihasiraaj Jun 17, 2017
I wish my name was maha it's beautiful, I get stuck with Irene, wow 😒
zainab_nawab zainab_nawab Sep 28, 2016
Your story is amazing but there is alot of media which inhibits my imagination.
superb_zari superb_zari Nov 28, 2016
Ohhhhhh wow what a coincidence well u know once ma bestfriend mariyam was going through some book and she found that ma name Zara and her bestfriend name was Mariyam I was so surprised