Unstoppable - (Sans X Cat Reader)

Unstoppable - (Sans X Cat Reader)

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h e a r t b r e a k By WonderSans Updated Dec 31, 2016

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You were taken away from your beloved home where you were well known. You can't quite remember what happened. All you could remember was seeing a terrifying looking creature known as Darkfel. Hes known for attacking unexplainably powerul sources, and little did you know you were one of them.

You ended up waking up on a strange planet known as earth which was infested with strange creatures known as humans. You found a kind girl Amy and her little 6 year old brother Frisk. You and Amy became best friends, or more like sisters. Frisk felt like as if you were his mother.

How did you fall down the hole of Mount Ebott you ask? Well that's for you to find out.

MissGalaxique MissGalaxique Sep 19, 2016
So, Y/N is allowed to visit, but Frisk isn't?
                              Oh, I see how it is.