Sashay | I'll Protect You

Sashay | I'll Protect You

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Hudson recently pruposed to Sasha, but Shay isn't ready to hear this news. What will happen when things start to go down hill for Hudson and Sasha? Will Sasha open up about what's going on? Or will Shay find out for herself? Will Shay be able to protect her and finally be with the love of her life?

A Sashay vs Hudsha story

[NOTE]: I just want to give a huge thank you to @http.keegan from instagram for helping me out and giving me the best support for this story. It honestly means so much to me. So if you read this then know that I'm so grateul❤

I love it! Update soon!!!!!!! :) ;) - Munro McLaren @EmisonWillBeEndgame
I'll be updating tomorrow when I get a free chance :) @ButtahBenzo1 @emisoncamrentayley @Leapyearbaby29