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Claiming Layla

Claiming Layla

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s o p h i a By uprooted Updated Jan 12

"I'm surprised that you're saying no to me."

"Of course I am!"

"Well you weren't that night when I came inside. Let me remind you," he pulls me to him sharply and I turn in his arms from the heat that he gives off. "That when I broke down your door to come in, you gladly let me. And you didn't stop me from doing this," he kisses me hard on the mouth, "Or this," he runs his thumb over my mark, causing the same ache that made me have him in the first place to rise up. "You're mine now, and this mark, it's not going anywhere. I'll let you play around a few days more, to fight your need of me, hide this mark, cover your scent since-" he lets out a chuckle that is not humorous, "All I can feel when I smell you is my scent embedded with yours, anyway."

∞ ∞ ∞

Layla Shaw has spent the last year going through rejection. Hiding her depression and sadness from those around her, Layla spends most of her days going with extreme effort. She's pretty sure she's done with expecting a mate until her heat gets the best of her, causing her to mate with a stranger she doesn't know, who unfortunately is the hot-headed Alpha Ronan.

Alpha Ronan won't take no for an answer and doesn't care about Layla's first mate at all and makes it clear that after the days and nights that they spent together he has only one thing in mind: claiming Layla. 

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- - Apr 08, 2016
"I'll just-just umm, check my schedule?" Literally me in every social situation ever.
EnellaCavalier EnellaCavalier Mar 28, 2016
I guess I kind of like the idea that she’s gone through with her rejection
thesaltysticks thesaltysticks May 07, 2016
Ah! No! How long ago was the rejection? They still have to live together?
thesaltysticks thesaltysticks May 07, 2016
Erp. I wonder how the alpha will feel about his son rejected his mate. -_-'
Tistal Tistal Aug 16, 2016
Hopefully a creep doesn't try to get to her. Hopefully the alpha guy is nice
thesaltysticks thesaltysticks May 07, 2016
I like her! He said she's young but she's old enough to know this! He's definitely going to regret it if he doesn't already.