The Wild Side  ➳ Benny Weir [1]

The Wild Side ➳ Benny Weir [1]

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"That's the funny thing about twins." The old woman says, shaking her head. "While they are so alike, they couldn't be anymore different."

"So you're saying..." Benny starts.

"I'm saying Hayley is special too. But she is naturally drawn to the wrong side, unlike Ethan." She cuts in, nodding her head towards me. "You have to fight to keep her on the right one."

"So... What is she?" I say.

"She's what you call an "Influencer". And it's going to be a problem if she's fighting for something she doesn't understand, bloodsucker or not." The old woman sighs, looking at the ground.

"We'll convince her." Sarah says. I look up at her. She's looking back at me with a determined look.

I nod at her.

I sure as hell hope so.

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