The Unwanted Proposal

The Unwanted Proposal

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(Highest rank #5 in romance on 13/11/16)

Avni is a beautiful independent lady of 25 whose life is almost perfect. But soon that is going to change when under certain circumstances she is bound to marry Aditya, her father's best friend's son. Aditya is handsome and rich. He is a man of secrets. What happens when they have to live under the same roof.

Note- chapters will be updated every week on saturday or sunday depending upon when I finish it.

-Manita- -Manita- Nov 24
I liked the fact that even after a tough past and deciding not to marry, Aditya listened to his grandma and gave it a thought. It tells a lot about his upbringing and also that he is basically a nice person.
                              Good Chapter !
I think you might need some more indirect descriptions of people so that we guess things without being hand-fed the ideas. Just a suggestion, no offense intended 😊.
The situation and the story is very real and something to be felt fresh.......
                              It's unique....
                              actually it happens usually
-Manita- -Manita- Nov 18
The beginning is heartbreaking. It is still a menace in many parts of India. Parents don't think twice before sacrificing their kids for the sake of family honour and promises !
                              i loved the name Avni :)
Please write the story in POV format, it will be interesting, narration isn't what people expect.