The Scandal of the Season

The Scandal of the Season

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A.H. Carrigan By ahcarrigan Completed

Charlie wasn't ready for the Season. The day she returns home from Boston is in preparation for this year's London Season. In the midst of it all, is Richard, the handsome new duke of Wellington and the brother of Charlie's friend, Diana, and an enticing mystery. 

Charlie needs all her wits about her if she's going to survive the Season. 

[IMPORTANT NOTE: this was my first (and last) historical fiction work, and very heavily based on a book I once read. Honestly, I don't like this story, at all, but it's gone too far for me to take down. Read at your own risk.]

[ALSO- hate comments are not appreciated. I get that this is bad, you don't need to bash it in. If you don't like this story, simply stop reading.]

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