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Brandi Van Hook By BrandiVanHook Updated a day ago

Caught in a love affair, 
Trying to find my way out

He used to be loving,
He used to care!

Where did we go wrong,
Will I ever be enough?

Oh my god sounds like karlie is about to get 👊🏾👊🏾 ROBE TIME!! (Deray Davis )
Damn it's the first chapter and it's already interesting 😌✨
I instantly thought about karlie redd from live and hop ATL 😂
Had this in my library for a while tgen I read it.....im automatically hooked from the first line...omfgg
Imma turn ghetto....girl karlie boil some water put some grits in that sh!t. Throw it and run whilst you can!!!!
It's only the first chapter and Larry is already a horrible liar 😡