Yandere twins X reader (Editing)

Yandere twins X reader (Editing)

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Fandom Queen~ By kitade- Completed


You were young when your father died. You also knew your mom hated you. She took you to a mansion One day and left you she said she would come back but you knew she was lying.

What will happen when you meet the two twins that also live in a mansion with their mother what happens when you start to learn their secrets and how evil they really are.

Read to find out ~kitade-rp

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co95431 co95431 Oct 29
I noticed in every Yandere book it's either
                               A. The readers family hates them
                              B. They live with a adopted family
                              C. Live alone with no one at all
                              It would be a nice change to see a the reader with a loving happy family life
If she did that and I clearly knew she was lying I would say "Nah, it's all good fam, I know your lying, and I really don't care because I dislike you as well, I know your never gonna come back but that's alright with me because I would rather stay at a strangers house than be with you anyways"
_BlueSoul _BlueSoul Nov 14
This story plot seems EXTREMELY familiar. Like I've read it before from someone else. Oh right, I have.
..........a break from the beating from my mom would be nice
HannahD1999 HannahD1999 May 22, 2016
It's verry interesting. Would surprise me if the mom killed the dad just so she could be "free" again.
BloodyKiller205 BloodyKiller205 May 08, 2016
So far so good!! Have a nice day!! Bye Bye!! Oh! I'm BloodyKiller by the way!!!