Rainy Days Naruto X Sasuke Fanfiction

Rainy Days Naruto X Sasuke Fanfiction

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Naruto X Sasuke fanfic yaoi. 

Sasuke and naruto have a race naruto being naruto he trips and scratches his face, Sasuke being the generous soul he is offers to clean and bandage it up at Sasuke's home, by the time he's done patching naruto up it's really dark and starts raining again Sasuke being oh so generous he allows naruto to stay the night want to know more read to find out. 


A long long list 
                              But like how Shikamaru says it: 
                              It'll be a drag. 😒😒
Oh Sakura, it's a long list that I won't even bother telling you
221063am 221063am Sep 04
Someone get Armin, he'll write us two 100000 paged books filled with what he has that u don't
YanderexHetalian YanderexHetalian 3 days ago
For a second I thought it said "hasta that hurts" and I had some really perverted thoughts there
How about I tell u what he has *ahem*
                              He's kawaii 
                              He funny
                              He sweet 
                              He has a feminine body 
                              His forehead is normal size and not where u can see it from miles 
                              He got a plump ass that ppl would love to have 
                              Do u have to continue 😊
Here, let list them for you:)
                              He's funny.
                              He's adorable.
                              He's not a bitch unlike you!
                              He's a guy.
                              He's also gay.
                              He's got that booty.
                              And more I really don't think I should list down.
                              Your welcome Sakura;3