Sinful Temptations (Boyxboy) (Completed ✔️)

Sinful Temptations (Boyxboy) (Completed ✔️)

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Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Pride, and Lust, the Seven Deadly sins that a Christian must resist falling into temptation of. But, anything can be bent with a little pressure and heat. 

When Chesney goes to California in search for an opportunity to become a published author, he goes through a series of unconventional circumstances and he ends up at "The Apartment." At first, it doesn't seem too bad, it's just an apartment. But when it's revealed that it's shared with seven other men, that's when things get start to get a little shaky. When it's revealed that all the other men are gay, well that's when things reach a magnitude 10 earthquake.  When temptation is literally around every corner for Chesney, he'll need a lot more than his scripture a day calendar.

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*Disclaimer: There will be offensive language and thoughts in this story from opposite social view points. These thoughts are not the thoughts of the author and in no way should they be taken offensively. There is also very mature themes in this book, such as: Drug abuse, Bulimia, Prostitution, Abuse, Gang Activity, Alcohol, Sex, and, of course, Gay relationships. If this is not your cup of tea, kindly leave this story.*

- - Nov 24
There's a place in hell specially reserved for me. It's called the throne
As sad as it sounds my dad says stuff like this to my sisters and I but he doesn't know there's a rainbow in the bunch.
🎶I'm fool for ya and the things you do. The things you do.🎶
Reborn14 Reborn14 Nov 21
If you got something t o saw at least have the gyts to defend it
If gays are "Unnatural" or SUPERNATURAL why they even existing!?
- - Nov 24
This guy ain't gonna survive a minute here, I'll tell you that