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Ya moms bestfriend By PtxLameWriter Completed

Scott hoying is a 22 year old reckless celebrity. Every post he does on Instagram at a new party, with a new girl, or he's just acting stupid.

Mitch grassi doesn't like him period. What he does a is stupid and people just cover up for it by saying "he's young he doesn't know better." Mitch was 16 when he had to mature quicker than anyone.

So what happens when Scott goes to get a cup of  Coffee one morning and gets put in his place by the barista.

theycallmebaepgay theycallmebaepgay Jul 29, 2016
I thought I was gonna be clever and comment something about Justin bieber but I was wrong
Tuxsass Tuxsass Sep 02, 2016
I busted "oh"'d very loud. It was like a questioning "oh" too.
Exberrr Exberrr Aug 26, 2016
Wow okay, mister 'I get things for free because I'm scot heying' guy, just gtfo
Tuxsass Tuxsass Sep 01, 2016
OH. So this story is Nudes? With the platonic blowjobs and shìt? I get it.
superfruitftoakley superfruitftoakley Sep 01, 2016
Better watch out you're gonna be so whipped for that brat later
lina3326 lina3326 Aug 11, 2016
@phenomabombs this is the kind of shït that Mitch should be going to jail for
                              Not MURDER