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Brilliant Red » Boku no Hero Academia

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クリス By givemepotatoes Updated Sep 17, 2016

Caution: This story contains moderately strong language.


Trying to obtain a peaceful life isn't a bad idea, don't you think?

Vine Kawafuji. A normal fourteen years old girl who has nothing but only the ability to fly and break the law of gravitational force. But what if all of her assumptions in the past about her being quirkless are wrong? What if she finds out that her quirk is something connected to which she dislikes the most?

Will she even take the path of being a hero, or will continue to stay as a normal civilian? Or is she going to take the stairway to hell as a villain?

- - Sep 29, 2016
I betting it's going to be hero cus the authors always go for the 'happy ending' :P
Anime_Habituated_ Anime_Habituated_ Nov 06, 2016
Isn't it forbidden to use quirks in public or something though 😂
PrettyLameUsername PrettyLameUsername Aug 22, 2016
I'm must be hungry asf cuz I thought that said "Friedrice" 😂😂😂
before11nights before11nights May 27, 2016
Seems like an interesting story!! Keep up with the hard work!!