Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

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Shakira Lopez By Aisleene Updated Jan 02, 2017

Hello! This is a story about dragons, magic, romance and andventure! If you like one of those gender you'll probably would like my story :) well... At leats I hope so :3 give ist a try and let me know what you think! :) Oh, by the way. It may have some mature words, but since there isn't more than that I won't rate it mature.If you think it should, let me know.

Shyla is a teenager with a normal life. She've grown up believing in fairies, mermaids and dragons, but when she enters high school she decides to grow up and let those childish thoughts aside. She starts making new friends but as the school year goes by, she notice a weird kid that is always alone. Has this kid been on the school from the begining? How could she not notice him? As she grows more curious about the kid she would get herself involved in many mysteries, discovering things she would never have though posible.

The story, characters and and places are mine. The pictures may not.

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