Smile For Me. [BoyxBoy]

Smile For Me. [BoyxBoy]

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Fiona™ By FionaJohn Completed

Have you seen him? 
The boy with the best smile?
I swear, he lightens up my world. 

Mark Lighthood, President of the not so known Drama club, star athlete and a secret anime nazi has a very deep secret.

It all happened so fast. One minute we were talking, the other my heart was racing so fast it was like it was going to explode. Why?

Ian's world took a turn for crazy the day he laid eyes on another gay couple in school. After seeing them go at it in the spare chem lab, the janitor's room and the boys bathroom, he knew he wasn't the same again. 

And did I tell you he kissed me...

[May contain Strong Language, Violence, and Mature Contents. Viewers discretion is advised.]

Spin off from Color Me Purple. It is a stand alone but it would be nice if you checked it out first.

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AddilynLee AddilynLee Jun 01
I've always wondered why this book is stuck at 8K reads...
                              WHAT'S GOING ON?? 😨 😨
geekiechicforall13 geekiechicforall13 Jan 30, 2017
                              HE FINE!
                              Like so fine I feel like punching a wall.
Craicroissant Craicroissant Jun 23, 2016
Wth Mark? That's not how you treat a person. Good character developing in this one though. I love Marcie already, she's so cute haha. And Mark... Poor guy for liking jerks like Mark. But anyways, loved this, can't wait for more
Craicroissant Craicroissant Jun 23, 2016
The plot is good so far. You have a good description writing and your sentences are very easy to follow through. This is actually the first time I've read this type of book and you make me want to read more. Nice job, can't wait to know Ian more.
alonity alonity Jun 12, 2016
OH MY GOD what the heck is wrong with mark ugh this stupid boy, update soon! Xx
spicy_sweets spicy_sweets Aug 12, 2016
Is he thrusting in Tyson's mouth or his ass? If his mouth, then simply "turning" his face won't bring their lips together if Tyson is at his crotch's level.