"Daddy" In Bed

"Daddy" In Bed

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sweetbabylana By sweetbabylana Updated Nov 14, 2016

TRIGGER WARNING: This story includes rape from the very start. If this will affect you, please do not read.

Ariana Finley and Jane Michael have been friends since middle school. But it isn't until Ariana moves in next door to her best friend that she notices Jane's dad. He's a hunk of a man and has been raising Jane alone for the last six years. Ariana decides that she needs to save him from his loneliness and begins a game of seduction. 

Reece Michael is in a hard situation. Literally. His daughter's best friend is hot as fuck and if he isn't mistaken, Ariana looks like she's been trying to get his attention. She's 17. He shouldn't be thinking or feeling half the things he is but he can't stop himself. So what happens when he plays along with Ariana's game of cat and mouse? Will they go all the way? And what will Jane think of the situation between her father and her best friend?

lgc_hearts_u lgc_hearts_u Nov 20, 2016
No one is to old for Hello Kitty!! But I feel bad for Ariana so much.
azetmusa123 azetmusa123 Mar 29, 2016
Oooo, i can't wait.....😆This seems just like another hot story of yours....
DaisyMae19 DaisyMae19 Jan 13
Oh god. Ya see, that would be my uncles and my cousin with their overprotective asses. Can't even post a simple video on snapchat without them telling me to take it down when all it is, is me lip singing a sex song. 😂😂
fanficlover_101321 fanficlover_101321 Nov 28, 2016
I liked this book.... then u killed my favourite character... lol