Please Don't Tease Me

Please Don't Tease Me

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CoolDemon61003 By CoolDemon61003 Updated Apr 24

Nagisa was popular with the boys with her cute looks and shy attitude. Of course the girls from Nagisa's school grew in jealousy and hatred towards her.

The problem with with Nagisa is she's a he.

Soon, a couple of girls took it too far by nearly killing Nagisa.

Luckily there was a boy by the name of Karma who rescued the bluenette. He was once one of the strongest people to ever live in that town.

It's sorta ironic how the bad boy saved a damsel in distress, yet he did! But secrets, memories, and future problems shall unfold with their fated encounter.

Nagisa was basically everyone when karma showed up (ya know it's true)
MrOneDown MrOneDown May 24
I feel like my knifes coming to my room thats the sign that I will kill someone
Nurufufufufu well it's been a long time since I used my knife, not to mention that I could use some throwing practice
How your swimming coach teaches you how to swim for the first time
Wait wait wait, if karma didn't know where he was then he clearly didn't just show up because he happened to be there right?
                              * immediately jumps to the conclusion that karma was following her because he knew she wouldn't be safe*
When your apparent 'best friend' tells you to hang out with others because you're too shy then you know shît is up