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Book three: Is There Somewhere series

Crystal and Niall:

" Don't..."

" I'm in love with you and I don't care what other people say. Without you, I'm nothing. You're my drug."

" Drugs damage."

" Then be my rehab."

|| Rated R ||

Niall, the bad boy, broke. He wasn't himself anymore. Like he said before, Niall Horan was getting tired of his own ride and wanted to try something new. 

Crystal, the victim of a horrid act, was broke. She was confused. Like she said before, should she let Niall in? Or keep him out for good? They're both broken, but can broken pieces fix each other?

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Please update like as possible as you can because this series is so so so good and I'm a fast reader and you're killing me making me wait for the next chapters!!!!