Act - (Frisk X Sans)

Act - (Frisk X Sans)

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yaGUCCI By SugoiNinja Updated Sep 05, 2017

Hoi! This will become a Dating Simulator SOON based on San's Route.And it will be uploaded SOON on...

My Deviantart:UndertaleSoKawaii

Credits for the artist who drew da cover.

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foxygamer98765431 foxygamer98765431 Apr 07, 2017
But technically he actually wants a good opinion how do you expect him to get better if you just scare people into saying it's good sans you care about papyrus but let him grow up at least a bit
                              I love this~
TheSeal10 TheSeal10 Dec 01, 2016
Um I have mixed feelings about the RUSH GOTTA GO FAST chapter that they made is kind of lazy
X_SRK_X X_SRK_X Nov 12, 2016
Me:mother can I have 'real' breakfast now? 
                              Mom:of course my dear
                              Frisk:you know what I gonna eat papyrus spageti
Elara_Vela_Citlali Elara_Vela_Citlali Nov 15, 2016
Me: Sorry But nope. I think they are cuter as skeleton and Human. ♡~♡
auroramourner auroramourner May 08, 2016
FRANS!!!!!!!! I SHIP IT SO F****** MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!