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lily - lrh

lily - lrh

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Cathrine Juliet By kategotyourtongue Updated Jan 12

Lily was just your typical 16-year-old not-so-innocent girl until 
her mother passed away and left her with the only person she could consider a father figure in her life, her brother Luke. She had never pinned him as the fatherly type, though he did act as the protective man in her life throughout the years when their own biological father had left them to fend for themselves. 
With Luke just graduated from college at the age of 25 and having to act as a legal guardian for his hormonal younger sister, will he be able to create a stable home for them both and keep her from being taken into custody of the government?
Or will things spiral out of control when a hazy drunken night sends Lily into even more trouble than she can handle?
(WARNING: This book contains heavy profanity and mature scenes. Agegap, incest (as shown in the title), depression, self-harm and other disturbing features are contained in this book. Read no further if any of the parts bother you.)

Well this escalated highly abruptly and has now plunged into a story of cliche and overly used scenarios .
Oh no, the author is going to input little disruptive comments.
sabrinadiaries sabrinadiaries a day ago
Well we all knew that was going to happen. Cause.....the description said sooo
httphellagay httphellagay Nov 30, 2016
This relationship would only be legal if Luke was also under the age of eighteen. Yes, the legal age of consent is sixteen, but if Lily is sixteen, and Luke is twenty five, it would be considered pedophilia because she is under the legal age of eighteen, and is still considered a child.
Daddy-Abel Daddy-Abel Dec 09, 2016
I'm very supportive of age gaps because I have a age gap kink myself. And I strangely have a liking for incest fics
Actually there is a law called the Romeo and Juliet law which means the can date just not sexual activities til she turns 18