Dating The Bad Girl {Lesbian}|{GirlxGirl}

Dating The Bad Girl {Lesbian}|{GirlxGirl}

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✨ catchin feelings ✨ By murderizedyouth Updated Apr 20, 2017

"Your hot," she said, I could see her smirk while she was doing her work,

I blushed, but ignored her comment, I secretly always liked it when she compliments me, but I act like I hate it. She's a girl, I'm a girl, and I'm not gay. 


I'm Savanna, I'm 16 going on 17 soon, And in grade 11. I'm kinda popular at my school, most girls admire me or whatever you want to call it.

And the girl that just called me "hot" she's by the type of person I don't want to talk to, but I always find myself doing it. She's gorgeous, but she is bad for me, or a "bad influence" I should say. 

She does drugs, drinks achohol, parties a lot, and is a type of person I shouldn't be around. 

Her name is Joey, Joey Wilson, and I think she likes me...


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EmmieCamber EmmieCamber Nov 05, 2017
Are you using us for votes? Because if you are I shall call you not nice.
I_Am_A_Potato_Bro I_Am_A_Potato_Bro Nov 20, 2017
And I don't like food
                              Lets stop lying
Troll_401 Troll_401 Oct 16, 2017
I tried to smoke once...
                              And its... a horrible experience 😝
Troll_401 Troll_401 Oct 16, 2017
😧 please youre not fooling anyone but yourself lad just admit it already 😒
ViolentLoner ViolentLoner Nov 18, 2017
Thor dome reading this and I still wanna say "straight as a circle"
UnAmericanTeen UnAmericanTeen Aug 23, 2016
PRIVACY IS A THING JOEY!! (Although that is something I would do)