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A Delinquent Is Living With Me At My Foster Home! Did I Mention I'm A Spy?

A Delinquent Is Living With Me At My Foster Home! Did I Mention I'm A Spy?

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Picklez By uniquewolf19 Updated Nov 26, 2010

River Johnson. A girl with an intersting life. She has a bad past but a good future. She's a secret spy. She lives with a foster home. They know she has to leave the country sometimes for personal reasons, but they don't know her secret. To them, she's the perfect adopted daughter. The goody two shoes. That's what everyone at school thinks also. People like her, but she prefers to not let anyone get close. When she's a spy, she is a total badass. She won't let any emotions show. She'll show no mercy. She'll show no fear. She is fierce, has speed, and has stealth. She has sharp hearing and eyes from years of practicing. She is also the youngest spy who works in th field. But what happens when a stuck up rude jerk comes into her home? What about when he has a sudden mood change after he looks into her eyes? Who knows...

Blade Jake. One guy with a horrible past. One detail also. He is a werewolf. A loner. He knows about mates and wants one, but doesn't. He wants someone who will love him no matter what his flaws are. But he doesn't want any girl to be stuck with him, for any girl deserves better than him is what he thinks. So what happens when a family volunteers to help keept him untill he turns 18? What happens when he's rude to their daughter and then looks into her eyes? What happens when his one bleak world is suddenly caught on fire by one girl? Read to find out...

crazyllamacornlover crazyllamacornlover Mar 19, 2016
This is really good and I notice it's been a while since you've last posted a chapter but I really hope you update soon!!
hiandhey hiandhey Apr 17, 2011
upload pretty please with 3 chocolate covered cherry's on top
SevenMoons SevenMoons Mar 09, 2011
I really like ur first chapter, so can u plz plz plz plz plz plz plz upload another? cuz I wanna know wat happens next.
GETGlassup GETGlassup Dec 08, 2010
love it! please please upload!!!!:D pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!