My New Addiction

My New Addiction

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operationmissfortune By operationmissfortune Updated May 26, 2017

"I've fallen for a guy who's world is falling around him."

"No one asked you to," he turns away. No longer was he holding on to me for dear life, his eyes blank of emotion. I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"But I did," I whispered into the air. No longer did I have the hope for him to hear my confession.


He wore expensive suits, I wore sweatpants and hoodies.
He uses sarcasm, I speak in fluent profanities.
He lit a cigarette, I chug down alcohol.

I was nothing but a headache, an impending disaster, and full of issues- everything he was a polar opposite of.

Is it true that opposites attract? Or am I just so damn wasted I can't think straight? I prefer the latter.

Teresa Joy Light, A.K.A. Tessa, is known for a lot of things. One, for not suiting her happy given name. And the rest, well, none of them being positive. She's a trouble maker, one to pick fights at random, and most of all: a heavy drinker. Alcohol is her very best friend, right before the well known Ellie.

When her seemingly okay life turns for the worst, she's forced to literally bump into her total opposite. This certain individual just so turns out to be Nicholas Avery, the secretive mafia/millionaire who has the biggest of heart- that is, if you're not on his bad side. And let's just say he has a long list and a thin line that Tessa may or may not be able to cross in one given night.

Through friendships, heartbreak, and possibly damaging their own mental health- the two struggle to remain sane. Drama seem to follow them every step of the way. How does one cope with the fact that love is unforgiving? Will they stay together? Or am I just bullshitting you for a heart breaking story?


~Book 3 from the series Gangleader's Obsession~

(As always, you are not required to read my other books to prepare yourself for this one. It can be read as it's own. And don't be an asshole who steals my ideas. Love you all <3)

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alltimealyssaaa alltimealyssaaa Jul 19, 2017
All I'm thinking about is After and Its everyday bro and it's really not helpful....
King_Daddyxx King_Daddyxx May 29, 2016
DUMBO!!! He is like FRIKEN breaking up with you and your just sitting the crying! He doesn't deserve your FRKEN tears.