Private Eye from London『名探偵 コナン Detective Conan Fanfiction』

Private Eye from London『名探偵 コナン Detective Conan Fanfiction』

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さくら By DetectiveGirl4869 Updated Feb 11

The death of Satsuki Hisaki's parents was shrouded in pure mystery. The news claimed that their deaths were caused by lowly thieves who were psychotic, but the evidences clearly didn't point to that conclusion. People had accepted the fact that they were killed by crazy armed thieves, but Hisaki didn't. Since she was a self-proclaimed detective, she investigated and found things she wasn't able to comprehend. What did RUM mean? Why was it crossed out?

Will she be able to solve this mystery? If so, will she be involved with 'them'?  Will 'they' find her before she could find 'them'?
  Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan!

  Started : December 2015
  (OC X Hakuba Saguru)

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ahyulia_ ahyulia_ Sep 23, 2017
this has to be my favourite chapter since a lot of mysteries arise xD
Admin_Maria Admin_Maria Apr 26, 2017
What...? She's a girl, right? She's a girl, right?? Then... Why did she used "Boku" for herself??
kissatentantei kissatentantei Apr 28, 2017
Awesome, I've added those japanese words to my dictionary! :)
TanteiSan1 TanteiSan1 Feb 13, 2017
I'm loving it so far! Mind checking out my dc story, it's a crap but oh well!
DetectiveGirl4869 DetectiveGirl4869 Apr 11, 2016
Yeah I drew that. At first glance I agree she does look like Ran, that was unintentional 😀