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Camp Music Roleplay

Camp Music Roleplay

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PsychoAndYandere By AphmauBeBoss Updated Dec 23, 2016

Welcome to Camp Music. Here you can meet new people,join a band,learn how to play and instrument,and way more. You might even meet that special person to help you on this musical journey.  Join the fun! There will be a form in the first chapter. The rules on camp music are...
1.Have fun!
2.Once you choose a music group,stay in it.
3.You are aloud to be a singer because singing is music.
4.Stay safe and no bullying.
Have fun making music!
Remember,I am the one rolelaying with you or if you want invite someone over to roleplay with you. Either way,just have fun.

- - Oct 05, 2016
Name: Myka
                              Age: 19
                              Favorite type of music: Pop
                              Crush: Zack
                              Insturment: My voice
                              Personality: really Shy
                              Eye Color: Blue
                              Hair Color: Ombre Blue
                              Looks: Cat necklace all the time. White shirt and a buttoned up  red plaid shirt. black knee high skirt with cowgirl type boots.
Taysama709 Taysama709 Oct 10, 2016
Name: Tay Ruzul
                              Crush: Ash
                              Favorite type of music: Pop
                              Insturmet: Sings and Guitar
                              Personality: Shy,Sweet,Nice,Nerdy,Fangirl,Silly, Love music
                              Eye color: Pale green
                              Hair color: Red
                              Looks: (can I tag you?)
Hey_Itz_Rose Hey_Itz_Rose Oct 28, 2016
Name: April Jackson 
                              Age: 19
                              Favorite type of music: Pop
                              Crush: Jake
                              Instrument: Drums 
                              Personality: shy,calm,brave, quiet, loyal
                              Eye color: Green 
                              Hair color; brown 
                              Looks: pale skin, black and purple striped sweater, jeans, blue converse, yellow and black bracelet given to her by her older brother
RebelDaRedWolfGirl RebelDaRedWolfGirl Sep 29, 2016
Dark brown and blue( one eye is blue and the other is dark brown)
The_Demonic_Red The_Demonic_Red Nov 24, 2016
Name: Red Smith
                              Age: 15
                              Favorite types if music: hip hop and rock
                              Crush: Sophia 
                              Instrument: Guitar
                              Personality: Quiet and respectful of friends and family
                              Eye Color: Dark red
                              Hair Color: Black
                              Looks: White, black and red diamond earrings on each ear, wears a bracket that says Demon in disguise.
PanicMyFallinFandoms PanicMyFallinFandoms Dec 19, 2016
She has black cat ears and tail. She wears a circus pendant on her shirt. She wears a coverup over her shirt and black tights her vans have a galaxy pattern on them