I wished for a Boyfriend not a Girlfriend (Lesbian story) <Book 3> [Completed]

I wished for a Boyfriend not a Girlfriend (Lesbian story) <Book 3> [Completed]

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I was awakened by a buzz, but I don't want to get up, instead I lay still on my bed and about to dream again when I heard a THUD, I flinched at the sound. It's Saturday so I'm not expecting anyone at this early in the morning. I'm not a morning person, I am now annoyed to whoever it is.

"Coming!" I yelled and started walking which took me sometime because I literally took my time, don't blame me I'm still sleepy,

I opened the door to see a very beautiful woman, she has long wavy hair, thick eyelashes and pink pout lips and lastly... a body to die for. I frowned when I realized a high-school student? I can say because she's wearing a uniform. What is a beautiful high-school girl doing here knocking at my door?  I asked mentally.

I was about to ask her when she suddenly slipped inside my condo and sit on the couch cozily, I crossed my arms and face her still frowning.

"Miss what are you doing here? What do you need?" I asked her curiously. She looked at me and smiled, a smile that can make men drool, but I'm not because I'm still annoyed.

"I am your girlfriend" she said sweetly, my eyes widened in shock, I know I'm drunk last night but I don't remember having a girlfriend. I was about to say something when she stood up and face me leaning so much closer that were inches apart.

"You wished for me, last night on the internet" oh crap! Now I remember! I was browsing the net when a certain ad captures my attention.

"But I wished for a BOYFRIEND! Not a Girlfriend!!?"

-how do you handle a situation where there's NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE let's see

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