The Marriage Demands (#Wattys2017)

The Marriage Demands (#Wattys2017)

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Beenish Shaheen By BNSH_SHAHEEN Completed

Meet Zackriya Islam, Zac as he likes to be called, is a young man of twenty five years of age who converted to Islam two years prior. Now that he has settled down with a decent job, he wishes to enter the advanture of marriage. With an impeccable wanderlust for change and adventure, we contacts the nearest Islamic center to help him find a prospective bride suiting his newly found ideals. 

But what happens when this young man has the misfortune of meeting Amber Zaid, a Pakistani Resident almost done with her MD.  Amber is a stoic and strict woman almost five years his senior in age. And not only that, her personality is the polar opposite of his. 

He is compromising while she is not. 

He is yeilding while she is unyielding. 

He is secure while she is insecure. 

He carries little to no secrets while she is a bundle of secrets. 

His heart is welcoming while hers is locked away and ice cold. 

He falls for her despite her indifference but she doesn't care. 


Amazing cover @DarkWorld_14

dreamerkr96 dreamerkr96 Apr 15
Sounds great already! You're such a good writer 😊 even I'm intimidated of her haha!
Lol. I thought this was in girls pov and I was like "as my husband" Huh?  😂😂 and then I was like oooohhhhhhh
Kattyfati Kattyfati Jul 06
Seriously he really seems funny.......😂😂😂😂I think whatever u r imagining is not gonna happen👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻but still best of luck
Kattyfati Kattyfati Jul 06
Seriously he is getting bored and wanted companionship .....😂😂😂😂it sounds soo casual
So far it's great. I like that he is imagining what married life will be for him. Very good chapter!
Kattyfati Kattyfati Jul 04
Hahhahaha u started .....well just give me one hour .......Ill join  u after some time