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Mending Broken Wings

Mending Broken Wings

108K Reads 3.8K Votes 20 Part Story
crazybooklady79 By crazybooklady79 Updated Sep 20, 2016

Bryce East and Taylor Highland were happily married for 23 months. Coming home after planning a surprise  vacation for their 2 year Anniversary Bryce has divorce papers waiting for her to sign. A devestated Taylor leaves and hasn't been seen. 2 years later she returns and who does she run into on her first week back. Her ex husband who is now engaged to her former best friend.

AlishaEliotte AlishaEliotte Nov 20, 2016
U go girl, show him u don't need his money. N hold ur head up high
SueZeq SueZeq Oct 12, 2016
Yes!!! Finally a realistic book! I loved this chapter! Lol....I  reacted the same way (i used a bat). Devastating! 
                              And no I am not a violent person. 
                              Boy.. He didn't wait long. Must have really loved his wife (sarcastically said)!
crazybooklady79 crazybooklady79 Oct 05, 2016
Thank you. It's probably because when I first wrote it I put it in the romance category. When I changed it to random is when I started to get reads and votes
crazybooklady79 crazybooklady79 Mar 29, 2016
Thank you for reading! Please bare with me for this  is only my second story. Thank you for your feedback. I truly appreciate it. I don't know as of yet where this story will lead but making sure Taylor is strong is one of my priorities. Please leave more comments as you continue to read.
Bohemianxgirl Bohemianxgirl Oct 01, 2016
 #rr and I still font know why this book didn't get a tons of reader and vote. This book is great and different from other books
AleLehe AleLehe Mar 29, 2016
I have faith in this story, pleeease make her strong in the future.