Leave Me Alone, Alpha

Leave Me Alone, Alpha

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Zahira Drayton By zahirababies1 Completed

What would happen if you ran away from your old pack?. Moved to california and wondered into the stroungest pack in the world? Meet you mate the king of werewolves of course!

Meet blake michelas king of the were, the most coldhearted, arrogant, selfcentered, son-of a.......... You get the point.

Meet April oderfer small town pack girl who has a lot of trouble and sass in her past. Will two worlds collide ? Or will it all come falling down?

DearKirstin DearKirstin Nov 25, 2016
I really think you should have made this part a little more believable. Because it sounds kind of dim and fake. And I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm just being constructive.
iiLlamaLordii iiLlamaLordii Aug 05, 2016
Condoms, morning after pills, birth control, adoption, wHAT DO YOU MEAN
PaigeAddison PaigeAddison Oct 15, 2016
Oh I say mama and papa we have one thing in common... lol I just realised how stupid I sound
NeverEndingStory321 NeverEndingStory321 Jul 17, 2016
Bitch it's not my fault my parents decided to not use a condom or birth control or abort me or my brother
Silent_killer_101 Silent_killer_101 Jul 08, 2016
Doesn't abortion exist there? Why couldn't they use a condom? And what about birth control?
lolamonroe_6060 lolamonroe_6060 Jul 27, 2016
With that much money I would have got me a house and a car some clothes for me and the baby and the rest goes in a bank account one for me one for my baby