Leave Me Alone, Alpha

Leave Me Alone, Alpha

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Zahira Drayton By zahirababies1 Completed

What would happen if you ran away from your old pack?. Moved to california and wondered into the stroungest pack in the world? Meet you mate the king of werewolves of course!

Meet blake michelas king of the were, the most coldhearted, arrogant, selfcentered, son-of a.......... You get the point.

Meet April oderfer small town pack girl who has a lot of trouble and sass in her past. Will two worlds collide ? Or will it all come falling down?

  • adoption
  • babies
  • bwwm
  • mate
  • werewolf
Ashykneesgirl Ashykneesgirl Mar 12, 2017
Is it me or do all these stories make black people there slaves or we get abuse, or people are racist towards them, or they get raped.... damn I would like to read one story when that 💩 isn't going on, like damn. lol
YoungKchandlerStar YoungKchandlerStar Aug 24, 2017
Wtf who does that so u just wake up one day and say welp I don't feel like being a parent anymore and chuck the duces wow
BlueShadow1620 BlueShadow1620 Jun 02, 2017
I know it's messed up but am I the only one who laughed when it's said congratulations on being a new Mom
Ashykneesgirl Ashykneesgirl Mar 12, 2017
TF lol like these Nicca shouldn't had kids then.... adoption or maybe swallow them or plan B, maybe even a condom would have worked. Lol 😝 cause your pull out game isn't strong 💪 my child 👶🏽 lol 😂
DearKirstin DearKirstin Nov 25, 2016
I really think you should have made this part a little more believable. Because it sounds kind of dim and fake. And I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm just being constructive.
bearjay bearjay Jan 04, 2017
U heard of abortion? It's a thing tell yo crispy bacon husband his pullout game weak