But I'm not a V A M P I R E (Lesbian story) <Book II> [Completed]

But I'm not a V A M P I R E (Lesbian story) <Book II> [Completed]

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"Seriously? You really thought I would accept you? I'm way too out of your league and please don't talk to me...and stay at least 2 meters away from me... you're a vampire" 

Says by the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in the whole world, a goddess that I don't know why chose to stay in this messy earth. And she rejected me, that words will surely put me 6 ft. under. Well why would a perfect girl like her accept me right? At least I tried, it's better to try then regret than do nothing and regret it forever. I am just a simple person, average and not popular, I'm petite though, a lot of people told me that I got the body of a model just not the way they dress. The way I dress is boring, the only thing that is quite unique about me is that I have amber eyes and a quite noticeable fangs, it's not that long but it shows whenever I smiled widely.

"Bu...but I'm not a vampire!" I exclaimed in frustration. Seriously? That's the reason why she rejected me? I asked myself.

"Well, you do look like one and I hate vamps" she said rolling her beautiful eyes at me then walked away seductively leaving me dumbfounded.

How can you tame the person who obviously doesn't like you? Let's see..

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That cover reminds of the art style used in the game "My Little Inferno"
Ayeiss Ayeiss Jan 27
Omg that casting!!! ❤️ Amber heard, Kristen Stewart, and Chloe Moretz!! I'm looking forward to read this one.. But unfortunately it's 3 am and my eyes is still sore because of the the 'My Ex girlfriend is my New mom" but it was so damn worth it. lol
The Author was her again😊😊😊 ms. Massaged her temple. But her first story ive read was really nice. I mean. To the point that im reading in front of my instructors😂😂😂
MsAnonymous07 MsAnonymous07 Dec 13, 2015
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loling-allnight-long loling-allnight-long Jul 19, 2015
                              WITH WATTPAD *pfft* barely 
                              I betcha IMA LOVE it
                              I WANNA BE VAMPIRE 
                              WITH PURPLE EYES AND GREEN AND BLUE SPECKS
Ariel_here Ariel_here Jul 18, 2015
I love this book so much this is the 2nd time reading it !!!