Moon Daughter

Moon Daughter

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Useless Trash By coollightning Updated Dec 01

Flavia a beautiful demigod was in love with Luke but now she discovers she is the only daughter of Artemis in Camp Half Blood! 

Me: Okay... How is that possible?

And she must go on a quest  to find Artemis so she can be and huntress, because she can't stay at Camp Half Blood any longer because she is bullied by Annbeth and the other deimgods and Chiron says the prophecy says she must leave before more people die!

Me: *about to commit suicide*

I don't own the story. It rightfully belongs to xxMoonlitexx. (I would rather kill myself than say this story belongs to me)

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I swear this is written by the same person who wrote my immortal
KatLuv13 KatLuv13 Sep 25, 2016
I will check and see if bacon can glow.
                              Bacon can't glow
What a lovely story 👍🏻
                              I congratulate xxMoonlitexx on this masterpiece 🙄
Yeah she'd get along really well with ebony dark'ness dementia raven way
KatLuv13 KatLuv13 Oct 18, 2016
I also just realized: Nico di Angelo translates to Nico the Angel...
BopperTopp BopperTopp Nov 23, 2016
She discusts me! Also, luke killed HIMSELF idoit. (I am refering to character)