Mine » Sting X Reader X Rogue ✔️

Mine » Sting X Reader X Rogue ✔️

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❤️Queen of Short Chapters❤️ By Disstroyed Updated Nov 04, 2016

(Y/N) the newest guild member of Sabertooth after the GMG where they lost.

Apparently you joined Sting and Rogues team as a trio of dragon slayers. Secretly, two dragon slayers are crushing on you.

I do not own Fairy Tail, it characters, or you!

I see wonky face every boook I read ;-; winks faces are taking over wattpad ;o
It's kinda weird I'm really she when you meet me but then I open up... This is me
Lumia0209 Lumia0209 Aug 13
It's a beautiful day outside.
                              Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming.
                              On days like these... kids like you..
                              sHoUlD bE bUrNiNg iN hElL
                              (JK 😂😂)
Wait does that mean I feast on blodd because I'm a blood Dragon slayer? IMAMA VAMPIRE
Black. It should always be black on my arm to represent my dark and evilness inside of me.
Lunalove473 Lunalove473 Jun 23
I'd rather be a water demon slayer,buuuttt this is cool too.