Mine » Sting X Reader X Rogue ✔️

Mine » Sting X Reader X Rogue ✔️

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❤️Queen of Short Chapters❤️ By MissWolfieAJ Updated Nov 04

(Y/N) the newest guild member of Sabertooth after the GMG where they lost.

Apparently you joined Sting and Rogues team as a trio of dragon slayers. Secretly, two dragon slayers are crushing on you.

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nctpuns nctpuns 5 days ago
friend: oh what a beautiful day outside
                              me: not as beautiful as me 
                              friend: *turns to me* boi 
                              jk jk jk jk I wouldn't be able to say it. I would think it but not say it
nctpuns nctpuns 5 days ago
everyone picks the color of their soul and I'm like, right should and pink please.
Misamea Misamea Oct 22
Haha, finally another type of dragonslayer, all I ever see is a Water/Ice dragonslayer or Acnologia's Daughter
X_LunaShips_X X_LunaShips_X 6 days ago
It's A Bootiful Day Outside,Birds Are Singing,Flowers Are Blooming,On Days Like This,Kids Like You,SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.
MC-Chan666 MC-Chan666 Oct 14
Me 😂😂
                              With friends: You're so quiet
                              With besties- People: Will you please shut up?!