Savage Desire

Savage Desire

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Jeremy Stanton vs. Ryan Hicks

Jeremy Stanton was one of the most feared alphas of all time and alpha to one of the largest and most powerful packs in the world. Everyone who knew the alpha knew that he didn't care for same-sex relationships. He thought it was a waste of time and sperm. Whilst getting ready for his pack's monthly run one evening, Alpha Jeremy had the rudest shock of his life. 

He didn't just see red, his eyes turned red!

Ryan Hicks was a Professor of Zoology, who loved his job. He always kept to himself and made it a point to stay out of trouble. Then one evening, he got invited by one of his students into the Stanton Woods to check out a new species of animals. 

His life was never the same again!

When these two totally different individuals are thrown together by fate, all hell literally break loose. Can they survive a life filled with anger, mistrust, hatred and irrepressible attraction?

This story contains violence, hot graphic sexual scenes...lots of it, mind-blowing passion and total hotness. Don't say I didn't warn ya. 


I'm from Louisiana !!!! No not everyone here  are swamp people... That show is a disgrace.
SuperSonicPaGer SuperSonicPaGer 5 days ago
Uhm you're gonna like what he is packing. It's like a sale. Buy one get one free.
schmoogBRUH schmoogBRUH 5 days ago
😂😂 That's great... The bet.
                              Me and my sis did different bets too smh lol My son came out really light complected (were Native American) when he was born. Shocker to me lol
Joantelle Joantelle Nov 28
Girl, shut up. Let the new parents enjoy their child in peace
flourel flourel Oct 10
So amusing he's biracial but you're saying that he took on more of the moms color but this guy skin color is more on the white side the dark
WakanaRin WakanaRin Oct 08
What makes him special? He has two penises 😌😂😂😂😂