A Little Bit Of Smut To Keep You Strong

A Little Bit Of Smut To Keep You Strong

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Salliandra Knight By Little_Miss_Shocker Updated Jun 16, 2017

One shots!!  I take requests - either comment based or on my bio. And yes, I do all kinds- From BDSM to Vanilla to monogamous to role switching. 
Have fun my wetties!! (Ah! I'm hilarious!)  
-Once Upon A Time 
-BFF requests (I promise they won't be boring) 
-My imagines/fantasies (Out Comes Ze Dirty Mind, eh?) 
-And obviously, Your requests. 

Why should you read this? Well, we're humans and let's face it, we're horny. And while blue movies seem to do the trick much faster, our brain likes the room that we leave for imagination. And plus, who doesn't like reading smut?! 

Who am I? That's what the Bio's for. The name displayed is NOT my real name, it's a pen name and I intend to use that for all my works. 

Sensitive readers - DO NOT READ ; I respect your morals and ethics, you should respect mine. Please refrain from reading if sex is an uncomfortable topic for you. 
Haters- I write for myself and for the people who love my writing, NOT for you. Kindly refrain from writing hateful comments to me, my book or any of my readers. (Otherwise... *leaves to imagination*) 

This is a work of pure fiction. I do not promote any kind of violence. 

All Rights Reserved (better remember that!) 

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Yeah like we haven't heard that before       😒 Baka 😐😐