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Undercover Streetfighter

Undercover Streetfighter

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masing13 By masing_13 Completed

Best Rank -- #2 In Action :06/25/16:

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Kayla is your average 12 year old girl, scratch that. She lives with her abusive aunt and uncle and is treated horribly. That is until she is kidnapped by her long lost dead father. (Who wasn't really dead). Her father takes her from Florida to New York and introduces her to a brand new life style.

Now at age 17 she is the most dangerous street fighter in New York and has a high position in her fathers gang. But there is a catch. Nobody knows who she is when she is fighting. She goes by the name Kai and wears a dark black mask. 

Her father has sent her into a regular high school to find out some facts about their enemies. (Another gang in New York). Her simple mission is to find the gang leaders son and get close to him because nobody knows that theres a girl in her dads gang. So going undercover as herself in a high school while trying to get close to the schools bad boy? Great!

Sequel is Up check it out! ------- (Not So) Undercover Streetfighter

shadowhunters222 shadowhunters222 Dec 22, 2016
Jared Padalecki and zayne Malik I expected Jared with Jensen Ackles 😋😋😂😂😂
delirious_wanderer20 delirious_wanderer20 Dec 22, 2016
Omg storyline just wowed me lol It looks really intriguing .o.
Nobody's even gonna mention the fact that she just has binders lying around? Alright😂
sonjaymarie sonjaymarie Dec 30, 2016
Omg!!😱😱 What a abusive uncle and aunt. I wonder what happened to her mom and dead? I guest I will find out when I continued reading.
I always have a pocket knife with me. Cause I got kidnapped when I was a child.... the guy that kidnapped me.practicallly saved me, my parents abused me.not in the inappropriate way but in a bruise and broken bone way.
I'd wear my boot cut jeans, my only (sadly) Harry Potter shirt, and these dirty âss black converse. Why tf do people dress up so much?😂It's only school, damn😂