The Other Me (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

The Other Me (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

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Meiko By Devil_Tenshi Updated Oct 28, 2017

(Y/N) wasn't an ordinary girl you'll casually meet. She's unique from the others -- eyes as blank as the void, personality as cold as the winter, but a face as beautiful as the season spring.

She'll be cold and sarcastic at first, but when she finally knows you're alright, she'll simply become less cold and less sarcastic -- that won't be easy though. You'll need to prove you're no harm, you're trustworthy, and you'll need to prove you're legit real.

She was born with these strange abilities -- abilities where she can shapeshift into any animals she know, and use it as offense, and defense. She's a pure (L/n) -- the (L/n) family were known to this shapeshifting ability, and was known for stealth and silent murder.

However, she has no knowledge about what happened to her family, nor know she's a pure (L/n) herself. She was merely sent to a nice, sweet old lady named Yukari -- who was delighted to take care of such youth -- when (Y/n) was a mere baby.

One day, she discovers something about a man named Ging Freecs -- who apparently knows a lot about the (L/n) family. Feeling determined, she sets out to be a hunter, in order to find about this unknown man. Though, due to Yukari's protective personality, she refused at first, but eventually gave in on one condition.

(Y/N) needs to cross dress as a boy and wear a robe around her face. (Y/n) didn't mind -- in fact, she liked the idea, since she didn't want anyone to recognise her by face -- just in case.

As she sets out on a journey, she meets four interesting males, and experience many events -- adventures, battles, murder, mystery, and even love conflicts.

What will happen now that her life is more complicated?

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You already hot me hooked! How did you do it?!  Tell me your secrets!!
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