The Other Me (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

The Other Me (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

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Meiko-chan By Devil_Tenshi Updated Nov 07, 2016

(Y/N) didn't remember anything about her family and she wanted to learn more about them. She learned about a guy named Ging Freecs that is a hunter, she learned that him and her Father were comrades from her guardian.

She then decided to go take on a journey and become a hunter to search info to find this man. (Y/n) has a beautiful appearance but being the innocent girl she is, she didn't notice it.

She always wore a cloak everytime she goes out because of a reason. What will be that reason?
Along her journey, she will meet 4 interesting fun guys. What will happen to her journey now?
Find out in the Story!

Reminder: This is my first Xreader story so bear with me if there are mistakes in the story. Also, if you want to find good humor here... Ummm, I'm not that funny just to remind you so you may find weird nonsense things in here sorry XD

A/N: As you may all know, the Anime is not mine but the plot is though! Some posted pics in this fanfic is not mine. Credits to who made them. Other Details are explained in the story. Enjoy!~

Livi-Lim Livi-Lim Oct 31, 2016
Aw cute cute cute super cuuuute~, I have moe flower around me and that cute cat already give the cute spell to me <3 I'm fangirling now~ I'm cat person and author-san display the cute cat while I can't have one because my parents :( aww you make me jelly
ToasterStruddles ToasterStruddles Dec 27, 2016
And don't you think Kurapika is a bit too manly for a feminine looking male like you?
gonandkillualover gonandkillualover Oct 24, 2016
It says hunter x hunter x reader so is it all of them or… what
Chara_Camilia Chara_Camilia Dec 05, 2016
Here's a story. 
                              Dad: I can't take them there here take her to school.
                              Ging: O' k.
                              Next day...
                              Random person: ?........EHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!
Theawesomeashleey Theawesomeashleey Sep 30, 2016
Very... adventure -ry!!!! Lol that sounded weird but love the first chapter tho
PrincesStarlight PrincesStarlight Aug 16, 2016
Oh my God,  I'm dying I'm dying of cuteness!!  Someone help me!!  Give that cat to me or I'll kill you!!  That cat is miiiiiiiiiiiiine!!   I want that cat huhu.  Give it to me