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The Other Me (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

The Other Me (Hunter X Hunter x Reader)

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Meiko By Devil_Tenshi Updated Oct 28, 2017

(Y/N) wasn't an ordinary girl you'll casually meet. She's unique from the others -- eyes as blank as the void, personality as cold as the winter, but a face as beautiful as the season spring.

She'll be cold and sarcastic at first, but when she finally knows you're alright, she'll simply become less cold and less sarcastic -- that won't be easy though. You'll need to prove you're no harm, you're trustworthy, and you'll need to prove you're legit real.

She was born with these strange abilities -- abilities where she can shapeshift into any animals she know, and use it as offense, and defense. She's a pure (L/n) -- the (L/n) family were known to this shapeshifting ability, and was known for stealth and silent murder.

However, she has no knowledge about what happened to her family, nor know she's a pure (L/n) herself. She was merely sent to a nice, sweet old lady named Yukari -- who was delighted to take care of such youth -- when (Y/n) was a mere baby.

One day, she discovers something about a man named Ging Freecs -- who apparently knows a lot about the (L/n) family. Feeling determined, she sets out to be a hunter, in order to find about this unknown man. Though, due to Yukari's protective personality, she refused at first, but eventually gave in on one condition.

(Y/N) needs to cross dress as a boy and wear a robe around her face. (Y/n) didn't mind -- in fact, she liked the idea, since she didn't want anyone to recognise her by face -- just in case.

As she sets out on a journey, she meets four interesting males, and experience many events -- adventures, battles, murder, mystery, and even love conflicts.

What will happen now that her life is more complicated?

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jaydenmae37 jaydenmae37 Dec 29, 2017
You already hot me hooked! How did you do it?!  Tell me your secrets!!
I hate the word last 
                              So many pain full memories
                              Saying last chapter last school year last episode last season
                              Next thing you know. That is your last day on your so called reality
xXKeithxKoganeXx xXKeithxKoganeXx Jul 31, 2017
Ok~. Let's play a game. This game is called who's dîçk gets cut off first~. Eeni meanie miney moe~. *smirks* Lets have some fun.
- - Aug 02, 2017
Feitan I can't get my hands dirty or my clothes can you TORTURE him for me :)
hikohiroXharuhi hikohiroXharuhi Oct 25, 2017
Yes, and it appears that you and I have no intentions on meeting for something important, seeya slut
- - Aug 02, 2017
yes I can't be two I can't clone myself but I already have a bae :P It's (too good choices ;^;) uhmm Killua..Kurapika...Feitan?