How To Turn A Gay Guy Straight

How To Turn A Gay Guy Straight

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This is the first time I've actually done a story like this, but I've always wanted to do one along these lines. After reading countless stories on Wattpad and by one of my favorite artists, KanyeInterruptedMe aka Kimber Lee, I decided to grow some balls and finally go through with this. What's the point in being an artist if you don't take any risks. I don't only wanna travel on the safe side, I wanna walk on the edge, the dangerous side. So here's my first chapter. Tell me what you think. Seriously, TELL ME!


Pt. 1 You Partner Up With A Cute Guy

"So today we'll be working in partners. I want everyone to pick a partner." When nobody made a move she said, "Come on. Get up. We don't have all day." With that the whole class started going crazy, trying to pick either a best friend or a cute guy as their other person. Me, I stayed in my seat. I never picked a partner, usually working alone was my thing. I got b...

The title is what really attracted me to this story. It iust screamed 'im different!!!!' So yeah, this is actually the 1st time I read something like this
sucCUMbed see what I did there? No? Ok I'll just go......
                              *slowly backs away*
... you cant really turn people straight. It'll just feel wrong to them unless they're bi.
DabOnIce DabOnIce Mar 30
you can't "turn" gay or straight, it's a genetic thing in your dna
Aye I'm the same but it's the other way around with my parents
I mean he low-key cross eyed but. Hey thts os none of my buisness