Pieces Of Me (TMR/TW)

Pieces Of Me (TMR/TW)

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Jenna By Broken-Together Completed

Thomas had lived in the WCKD facility since he was a child. Or at least that's what he thought until the FBI raided the compound after they escaped the maze. Until one of the agents seem to recognize him. 


When Agent McCall assists in a raid to rescue a bunch of teenagers, he wasn't expecting to see a face he knew.

They probably do I mean dam after watching and reading the maze runner I went crazy and they were really there
I love this chapter so much. Can't wait to find out what happens when Thomas/Stiles meets John.
TessNoelle TessNoelle Mar 29
OMG I LOVE IT!! Pleeeaaasseee update soon with chapter two!!!!!!
Twinkie_Pie Twinkie_Pie Apr 26
"what's a Stiles?"
                              Why am I laughing
                              Oh wait
                              Stiles = spirit animal
jules716 jules716 Sep 05
Wait that would mean that Scott's not a werewolf,because if it weren't for stiles scott would have never went into the woods and got bitten
desound2112 desound2112 2 days ago
Yes stiles is his nickname, his real name is noah stilinski. Wow you can predict the storyline on season 6 😂😂😂😂