Sold To The Alpha

Sold To The Alpha

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gigglemonster9000 By gigglemonster9000 Updated Mar 09, 2017

"I am no one's." I say angrily 

"You are mine and you will learn it sooner or later." He says pressing me further into the wall. 

I look him straight in his eyes and let out a low rumble. 

"You've done it now." He says with an evil smirk 

Taylor lives in a small town in her packs territory. Evrey year girls will be chosen to be put through the high standard training to be sold to an un mated alpha, and if they don't make it through a rouge they will become. She was lucky and went her entire life without being picked....until now, but what happens when her training gets cut short and she ends up in the hands of the most grueling possessive alpha ever to be heard of?

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Lenor1981 Lenor1981 Jun 30, 2017
I don't  think an Alpha would have earrings not very masculine.
VickMeNot VickMeNot Aug 31, 2016
this is such a good  book but it would be great if you we're to edit it sometimes makes it hard to read and i'm so engross with the story,