UtaPri One Shots ((finished))

UtaPri One Shots ((finished))

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Kat ♥︎ By Princess-KitKat Completed

A series of Uta No Prince Sama character x reader one shots including boys from ST☆RISH, Quartet Night, and He☆vens~

=Taking Requests=

*One Shots  Started 4/2/16*

Disclaimer! I do not own Uta No Prince Sama, the characters, or you for that matter so pretty much I own nothing other than the mini stories within this book themselves.

RebeccaMasten RebeccaMasten May 09, 2017
This is very well captured Camus, a very well done job to you Girl!😉
Queen_yukiryuu Queen_yukiryuu Nov 13, 2017
Can you please do a Ai x reader that can't speak but really good at paino or something
gettinthefeels gettinthefeels Aug 23, 2016
Right in the feels. 
                              Ps: how do you write so perf and flow? Teach me your ways, senpai xD
- - Apr 02, 2016
If u can see me rn im actually about to cri because that is how i see myself ;-;
- - Dec 30, 2016
Okay, I commented on Kira, Satsuki, and Eiji. But I also want Camus, 
                              Cecil, Masato, Van and Ren. Gomenasai if it's too much!! X3. but I'm a big fan of  the "A Quartet's Love" story and it's one of my favorite stories from UtaPri, so... yeah... Thank you Senpai!!
_jinniecutie _jinniecutie Jan 25, 2017
Reminds me of myself at times😔 This hit right at the feels😭😭