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A Veela and the Elfling

A Veela and the Elfling

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Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Completed

It's one year after the 'Final Battle'...the Magical Realm finally saw Albus Dumbledore for who he really was and he was hauled off to Azakbane and the next day given the 'Dementors Kiss'...Minivera has long sense been made Headmistress and she's changed Hogwarts for the better including 'Rules and Staff'...Tom Marvollo Riddle-Gaunt is has long sense been made Minister and has been changing our world for the 'Greator Good' between passing needed Laws and abolishing those that weren't and creating Creature 'Unity' for all our kind!
Harry has turned 18 over the summer and like many others who didn't get the chance to finish school, has returned to Hogwarts for a final year!
Now nothing can ever go right for Harry and he can never be normal no...three weeks into the school year and he's stressed. He goes through a 'Surprise' one that is Completely Life-Changing!

I'm sorry to say this but there really is a problem with names in general. People's name (Blaise, Lucius, Narcissa, Fenrir, etc.), things' name (Ravenclaw, Slytherin, etc.), even certain words or expressions (Thank you)... 
                              Might need a beta or at least some proof reading.
AminaRosez AminaRosez Apr 22
Yeah I never want to walk in and see that especially between two people
_MasterOfDeath_ _MasterOfDeath_ Aug 06, 2016
I imagined Sev in an apron smiling like an idiot and can I just say, 😂😂😂
Music_is_Hope Music_is_Hope May 04, 2016
I imagined Harry doing a girly scream and ran from Severus with him standing there, hands on hip and shaking his head so his hair is out of his face saying "he has taken over his mother too much" then running after him
_MasterOfDeath_ _MasterOfDeath_ Jun 18, 2016
Does anyone else realize that he's naked...
timeywimeydestiel timeywimeydestiel Jul 27, 2016
If i had to say this id be counting it on my fingers like, "I Hadrian WolfStar that's not right..."