Help Me Pick Up The Pieces {On Hold} (GirlXGirl) [TeacherXStudent]

Help Me Pick Up The Pieces {On Hold} (GirlXGirl) [TeacherXStudent]

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Whatever81 By Whatever81 Updated Jan 08

Destined to Be series book one. Not necessary to read Book one before book two.

Updates: Oh Hold indefinitely. Not abandoning this story. I plan to update as soon as I'm capable to, but when that will be is not currently known. 

Avery has had a tough life, a very tough life. She feels like the universe is forever against her. And never thought that, even after everything she's endured, she would ever get her 'Happily Ever After'. 

Then one day she thinks it may be possible. The woman she had been in love with for years, finally returns her feelings. Avery was finally happy, the woman she loved so much for so long, finally loved her back. Her 'Happily Ever After' was within reach. At least that's what she thought, until the woman managed to shatter Avery's already broken heart into a million pieces.

Months later, the wound still fresh, she packs up her stuff and moves back to the city where she was born. She thinks being in a different city and reconnecting with her childhood best friend, will help her heal.

But, nothing seems to change at all. At least not until one night about 2 months later. Her friend drags her to a club. To get her friend off her back, she finds a girl to pick up. She expected for it to be a one night stand and that was it but she desperately wants to see the woman again. And she ends up getting her wish but the next time they see each other it's in one of the most unexpected of situations.

Just when she was starting to think that she might be able to be happy again, it all goes to crap. Her life seems to be a never ending string of heart break. Maybe the whole universe really is against her.

Warning: This story's going to get a bit dark/depressing. And even though it's clearly labeled as such but I still feel I need to say this is a mature girlxgirl story so there will be sex. Also don't read if you have a problem w/ the F-word because I use it quite liberally.

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drescherfan4 drescherfan4 Jun 01, 2017
I almost threw my phone but I'm in school rn and I didn't get a chance to wrap my phone in pillows before reading this chapter
sidlovey sidlovey Apr 09, 2017
I just started reading the first chapter, and this sounds so far good... I'm excited!
CallOfTheWolves99 CallOfTheWolves99 Mar 09, 2017
I have a good feeling about this book. The first chapter is already good!
drescherfan4 drescherfan4 Jun 01, 2017
Oh fück here we go lemme go get some pillows and tape to wrap my phone in that way when Avery's heart gets broken & I throw my phone at the wall it won't break
Dragon_Girl_57 Dragon_Girl_57 Aug 04, 2017
Uhhhh that's not how depression works . Trust me, I know. I have it. Bad. Good story so far though
Michelle8308 Michelle8308 Sep 06, 2016
That's the problem with loving some one more then life itself when you loose them not even life itself is worth living for and find the will to carry on is the hardest thing to ever do