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The Angel's Ambivalence [Naruto]

The Angel's Ambivalence [Naruto]

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dawnofdelia By dawnofdelia Updated Aug 26, 2016

~Sequel to: "I Got Caught In A Storm... And Now I'm Stuck In Naruto!?"~

It's been two and a half years since Minxie Takeda left Konoha and became Itachi Uchiha's student, and boy, have things changed. Smarter, stronger, and more beautiful than before, she returns to Konoha with her twin brother Ryuu Takeda, former Akatsuki member. Reunited with her friends and going on missions again, she is happier than ever before.

But things don't remain happy and peaceful for long. New enemies are rising with deadly intentions, and they all have one common target: Minxie.

Everything the young heroes know is beginning to fall apart, and they must all go to the end of the Earth to protect what is precious to them. Join Minxie as she faces trials of love, desire, and danger, all while trying to save the world and complete her destiny.

In the end, only one side can win the war that has been foreseen since the beginning of time. With the Final Battle nearing, Minxie and her friends must sacrifice and make quick and hard decisions if they want the world to be saved.

One thing's for sure: The eternal battle between the Light and Dark is finally coming to its end, and its end will truly be tragic.

stilesthesaint stilesthesaint 2 days ago
honey if you were me that stuff would of been burned in a satan ritual a long time ago
_DirtyTrash_ _DirtyTrash_ Aug 30, 2016
Yaaaaaaassuuuuuu!!!! I think I've fallen in love with Ryuu..... >////∆////<
deadlyweapon10 deadlyweapon10 Dec 21, 2016
There are those times that I swear Tobi and Juvia are related only because they both speak in third person
Zaecat3 Zaecat3 Nov 11, 2016
Got a secret can u keep it swear this one you'll save better lock it in your pocket talking this one to the grave
Hippop75 Hippop75 Aug 31, 2016
Is the house empty or does someone actually live there? Because I'd find it pretty funny if the people living there saw mail being delivered and were like, " What the duck."
Underfanz Underfanz Dec 02, 2016
"Dear Lord... Why didn't you make Hidan with a censor!?"
                              Me: *dies*